HELLO my name is Dani (or Spooky) and welcome to my house. I’m an artist, worldbuilding enthusiast, and biology nerd, and that's the sort of content you’ll find here. I’ve loved science fiction and fantasy since I was a kid; I have this long standing fascination with the strange, whimsical, and horrific. I’m also extremely into in things like sociology and true crime and insects and lots of other random nonsense that flavors the content I make.

I’ve always wanted a personal site and now I'm making my dreams come true. This is pretty much a fun little personal project I’ve been tinkering with to fill time. I like having all my stuff in one place. I can post whatever I want, organize it how I want, and it’s not likely to get swept away into the ever-flowing void of social media feeds. At its core this website is dedicated to showcasing the things I make, my art and writing, in an archival manner.

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= 14 Dec 2021 =

* (FINALLY) Joined the Squid Ring

= 18 Sep 2021 =

* made Worldbuilding page Responsive
* gave Worldbuilding page a colorscheme
* touched up Split City page
* minor tweaks

= 11 Sep 2021 =

* made TOC, changelog, and image divs responsive

= 8 Sep 2021 =

* made This Changelog
* minor Tweeks
* made pages for Sarchi, Ellyllo, Keezles, Azzo, and Nyximi
* made the kinship section of the vuxte page a seperate page